Blanco Cooktop (GAS) Stainless Steel 900mm CG905WXFFC

Smooth One Piece Hob Design: The smooth one piece hob design makes cleaning the cooktop so much easier, saving time and effort. Simply wipe over with a damp cloth.

Cast Iron Trivets: Complimenting the smooth, sleek construction of the unit, whilst providing a non-slip surface for pots and pans.

High Performance Sabaf Burners with 14.5Mj Wok Burner: High quality Sabaf burners provide even heat distribution for great cooking results, whilst the 14.5Mj Wok burner offers powerful cooking for dishes such as stir-frying.

Automatic Ignition: Ease of operation, no need for manual ignition, simply twist the knob and the gas connection ignites

Front Control Operation: Added safety while cooking, as there is no need to lean over a naked flame to operate the controls.

Flame Failure: Extra safety in the kitchen offering peace of mind, the gas will shut off when there is no continues flame

Available in Natural Gas or Propane: The cooktop is supplied adjusted for natural gas installation, however can be converted for propane application (conversion kit supplied)

Dimension: 860mm (Width) x 500mm (Depth) x 40mm (Height)

Cutout Size: 833mm (Width) x 475mm (Depth)

Burner Types: Sabaf Burners

Power Cord: 240V 10Amp for auto ignition

Power Cord Length: 1.8m Suitable for Natural Gas and Propane

Pressure (kPa): Natural Gas: 1.00kPa and Propane: 2.75kPa

Gas Entry Point: Rear right hand side

Centre Wok: Natural Gas - 14.5Mj/h, Propane - 11.4Mj/h

Front Left Auxiliary: Natural Gas - 4.1Mj/h, Propane - 3.5Mj/h

Front Right Semi-Rapid: Natural Gas - 7.1Mj/h, Propane - 6.2Mj/h

Right Right Semi-Rapid: Natural Gas - 7.1Mj/h, Propane - 6.2Mj/h

Rear Right Rapid: Natural Gas - 12.0Mj/h, Propane - 10.4Mj/h