Blauberg Sound Insulated Iso-Mix 2 Speed Exhaust Fan - 315MM | 1130CFM | 40dBA


The Blauberg Iso-Mix silenced fan can be used for indoor cultivation or for any premises such as, bathrooms, kitchens or libraries, that require high pressure, powerful air flow and low noise level. At40dBAwhen the fan is on high speed, this is thequietest 315MM fanavailable on market today.


German made in-line sound insulated duct fan. Features include Polymer coated steel case which is internally filled with 50mm mineral wool. The special inner perforated casing and thermal sound insulated layer are designed for a wide range of frequencies. The specially profiled impeller provides high performance and powerful pressure combined with low noise operation. Double speed motor and quality bearings offer quiet smooth operation. Built in overheating thermal protection.

  • The casing is made of polymer-coated steel, internally filled with 50 mm mineral wool thermal- and sound-insulating layer.
  • Special inner perforation of the casing and sound-insulating material are designed for wide-frequency sound absorbing.
  • Mixed-flow impeller made of high-quality plastic.
  • The diffusor, the specially profiled impeller and directing vanes provide high performance and powerful pressure combined with low noise operation.
  • External airtight terminal block on the fan casing for power supply.
  • Mounting brackets on the fan casing for mounting to the floor, to the wall or ceiling.
  • Double-speed single-phase high-efficient motor with low energy demand on ball bearings.
  • Overheating protection by built-in thermal switches.
  • Motor ingress protection rating IPX4.
  • Speed adjustable
  • Designed & Made in Germany


Parameter Value Phase, [~] 1 Voltage, [V] 230 Frequency, [Hz] 50/60 Power, [W] (min) 213 Power, [W] (max) 313 Current, [A] (min) 0.93 Current, [A] (max) 1.41 Maximum air capacity, [m3/h] (min) 1510 Maximum air capacity, [m3/h] (max) 1920 RPM, [min-1] (min) 2120 RPM, [min-1] (max) 2620 Sound pressure level at 3 m distance, [dBA] (min) 36 Sound pressure level at 3 m distance, [dBA] (max) 40 Max. operating temperature, [oC] 60 Ingress protection rating IP X4 Type Dimensions [mm] Weight
[kg] D D1 B H L ISO-Mix 315 313 432 520 780 434 25