Blue Planet Shield Water Conditioner Plus 500ml

Blue Planet Shield Water Conditioner

Blue Planet Shield Water Conditioner is the optimal water conditioner to help maintain fresh and salt water aquariums. This effective solution is non-toxic and safe for use around fish and plants and helps to improve the quality of tap water in your fish tank by removing traces of ammonia, chlorine, and chloramines, and contains added colloids to provide aquatic life with an optimal living environment. The key features of the Blue Planet Shield Water Conditioner are:

  • Highly effective water treatment conditions tap water in fresh and salt water tanks.
  • Improves quality of tap water to provide fish and reptiles with healthy, habitable surroundings.
  • Neutralises harmful levels of ammonia, chlorine and chloramines which are toxic to fish.
  • Contains added colloids and aloe vera to help prevent stress and improve general wellbeing.
  • Provides a protective coating to help support strong and healthy fish scales.
  • Easy-to-use by dosing as directed into your aquarium.