Blue silicon broom

This innovative broom combines several traditional and new features.

It is 16” wide, has an integrated squeegee, and is made of 100% silicone rubber and its bristles on both edges slant outward to effectively clean along walls and against furniture.

The broom is attached to the broomstick with an adjustable knuckle joint, which lets the handle tilt so you can clean underneath furniture or behind toilets.

ADJUSTABLE JOINT: The handy adjustable knuckle joint allows you to effortlessly clean underneath furniture, making this the perfect rubber broom for pet hair.

BRILLIANT BRISTLES: Tyroler’s slanted bristles impressively get the dirt along walls, are scratch-free and use static charge to amazingly collect lint, hair and dust.

SQUEEGEE EDGE: Whether you’re cleaning spills or drying up your patio, you’ll find the integrated squeegee on our rubber broom to be incredibly handy.

COMFORTABLY LONG: We’ve fitted this silicone broom with a long handle, giving you remarkable comfort that other rubber brooms simply can’t match.

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Hardwood, cement, tile or glass, the single cast natural broom rubber build guarantees unwavering service for years to come.