Boker Core Professional 22cm Bread Knife

What do Trier, Wiesbaden, Munster and Luneburg have in common? Apart from historic city centres, famous landmarks and a long standing tradition as important trade cities, they share another important aspect: These cities are the homes of excellent steelware retailers, who have built their outstanding reputation over many years by means of their extensive selection and expertise. Boker has harnessed their decades of experience and finely honed sense for the requirements of cooking and kitchen enthusiasts in the product development of the Boker Core series, combined with our almost 150 years of experience as a Solingen Knife Manufactory. The result is a premium product with dynamic lines, excellent handling and breathtaking cutting capability. This item is the Boker Core Professional 22cm Bread Knife. The Boker Core Professional series offers an exclusive mix of premium materials, and is suitable for professional or home use. The range features single knives - 20cm Chef's Knife, 22cm Bread Knife, 16cm Small Chef's Knife, Santoku, 9cm Paring Knife, Carving Knife and Fork - and is also available as a compact 3pc Knife Set.The knives' solid blade slugs are made from a chromium molybdenum vanadium alloy (X50CrMoV15), perfectly suited for premium kitchen knives, and are hand forged with Solingen craftsmanship, structurally optimised and hardened to 58 HRC. In order to give the blade a longer service life and even finer cut, our traditional hand grind is then highly polished. The forged bolster ensures a secure and protective grip. The Bread Knife is characterised by the special serration, as well as the very long blade. In addition to bread, other hard foods can also be cut very well. In contrast to the classic Kitchen Knife these are not crushed when cutting with the Bread Knife. The practical and perfectly proportioned handles of synthetic round out the cohesive and minimalist look. The synthetic is highly moisture resistant, hygienic and well suited for professional restaurant conditions. A superb knife for a lifetime of culinary art, with a Lifetime Guarantee on materials and workmanship.