Boomjoy E4 Microfibre Flat Mop Floor Cleaning Housekeeping Kitchen Cleaner

Our professionlal Boomjoy Microfiber Mop will make the dreaded chore of cleaning your floors quick and easy. It was desinged so cleaning pros could leave floors spakling efficiently without a mop bucket or the need for harsh chemicals Now it's availbale to you so you can quickly and efficiently tclean. your hardwood, laminage, tile and stone flooring liek a pro!

Clean any hard flooring surface deeper, more quickly, & with no hassle. Our Boomjou Microfiber Mops work great on a variety of floors because of the millions of positively charged fibers working together to clean & attract negatively charged dust. This means more surface area to hold debris & absorb liquids while mopping. It also means Microfiber is a healthier cleaning alternative, since you can effectively clean your floors with just water or less chemicals, due to microfiber's cleaning power.


  • Dual Action Dust Mop: One side with high density microfiber applicable for daily cleaning, other side meet with multipurpose of deep cleaning.
  • Heavy Duty Swivel: 360 degree swivel joint helps clean corners and narrow space
  • Wide Mop Head: will make cleaning more effective and labor saving.
  • Machine washable microfiber pad.
  • Model: E4


  • Mop x 1
  • Microfiber Cloth x 1