Boomjoy N5 Spray Mop Magic Mop Sweeper Swivel Dust Floor Cleaning Broom

The Boomjoy Wipe and Spray Mop is perfect for cleaning all hard floors, using just water and wipes. This Mop is largely made from lightweight aluminum. Built-in water reservoir and spray system make floor cleaning quicker and easier than ever before. Disposable non wovean fabric to make clean are great to use with mops for dusting floors or simply by themselves for dusting or mopping up spills. They have a greater dust pick up than standard cloths. For extremely dirty floors, these cloths allow you to dust over picking up most of the debris without over soiling your mop head.


  • Cleans using just water and no cleaning chemicals needed
  • Built-in water spray for quicker and easier cleaning
  • Disposable Non Woven fabric ( refill available)
  • 360 degree swivel joint helps clean corners and narrow space.
  • 50pcs Fabric included
  • Model: N5


  • Mop x 1
  • Nonwoven Pack x 2