BRASS Hex Reducing Nipple 80 x 65mm (3 x 2 1/2 Inch)

Brass Reducing Nipple BSP Threaded****Features- Suitable for water application used in general, irrigation and rural services, compressed air pipes and fuel and gas lines utilities

  • Watermark Approved
  • DR Brass
  • Tested and certified to AS 3688

Specifications- Maximum working temperature 0 to 60 Deg Celcius

  • Maximum pressure rating 1600kPa

**BRASS - REDUCING NIPPLESKUPART NOIMPERIAL SIZEA (mm)**OD (mm) **WEIGHT (Kg)**HC-BR-NPRD201574805013/4 x 1/234270.06HC-BR-NPRD251570172021 x 1/236340.10HC-BR-NPRD252074805031 x 3/436340.09HC-BR-NPRD322070172041 1/4 x 3/446430.16HC-BR-NPRD322574805051 1/4 x 146430.16HC-BR-NPRD402074805061 1/2 x 3/450490.25HC-BR-NPRD402574805071 1/2 x 150490.25HC-BR-NPRD403270172081 1/2 x 1 1/450490.20HC-SS-NPPD501574805092 x 1/251640.42HC-SS-NPPD502074805102 x 3/452620.31HC-SS-NPR502574805112 x 154610.31HC-BR-NPRD503274805122 x 1 1/454610.31HC-BR-NPRD504070712132 x 1 1/254610.31HC-BR-NPRD655074805142 1/2 x 261770.48HC-BR-NPRD755070712153 x 267910.66HC-BR-NPRD756574805163 x 2 1/267910.83HC-BR-NPRD1005074805174 x 2721161.20HC-BR-NPRD1006574805184 x 2 1/2721161.40HC-BR-NPRD1007574805194 x 3721161.60

BRASS Hex Reducing Nipple 80 x 65mm (3 x 2 1/2 Inch)

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