Bright Dezigns Large Strawberry Container/Colander/Keeper with Strawberry Slicer & Strawberry Huller 3-piece set Gift Boxed.

Strawberry shaped container that is designed to hold 3 punnets/trays of strawberries comfortably.
Fun easy convenient way to wash prepare your strawberries, Cool kitchen essential, functional tools that help cut & slice your strawberries.

The huller easily removes the stem of the strawberry simply place under the stalk and twist slightly leaving the flesh intact.

For perfectly sliced strawberries place strawberry into slicer and push down gently, use same for hulling your Tomatoes, for larger berries cut fruit in half first.
To fan a strawberry place with pointed end up and gently cut through ¾ of the strawberry remove from slicer and gently press on an angle to make a fan.

This set is also great for washing draining and storing various fruits and vegetables.
Prepare your vegetables ready for stir-fry or roasting and store till required.

Is also useful for holding a chicken upright to make stuffing it easy.

TIP: will absolutely help keep your strawberries longer - after washing them a great trick to use Simply place a small piece of paper towel into the bottom of the container and another over the strawberries, replace the lid and store in the refrigerator and you will have fresh strawberries for days.

EXCELLENT GIFT Share the love with family and friends. This set makes a great gift for mom - that special woman in your life or when setting up a first home a very nice present for all occasions and seasons –Mother’s Day, House warming present, Birthdays, Home Decor gift baskets.
Packaged & ready to give in our Bright Dezigns Gift Box.