British Desert Boonie Hat - New

These fantastic genuine issue boonie hats have been sewn down, soldier style, to stop them from sticking out too much. If you feel the need to unstitch the thread and restore this boonie back to it's original state, you can. A wide neck flap fully protects the neck from sun and rain. Finished in desert DPM camouflage for effectiveness in arid terrains. An adjustable cord chinstrap and quality material make this a perfect piece of headwear for hotter days.


  • High quality material
  • Adjustable cord chinstrap
  • Genuine British surplus
  • Hook & loopstrap for neck flap

**Sizing: ;**Hat sizes are measured by the circumference around your head, just above the ears. ; Weight: 0.15kg
Content: 67% Polyester / 33% Cotton
Pattern: Desert DPM
Condition: ;New/Unissued

British Desert Boonie Hat - New


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Sold and delivered by Army and Outdoors (Shipped from Overseas)