British Desert DPM Trousers - New

The British Army issued their No.5 Desert Combat Dress in the early 90's to soldiers in Cyprus and the Middle East. DPM has, over the years, become just as iconic as woodland camouflage. So naturally a desert version was created for arid environments. Desert DPM (or DDPM) is a fantastic two-tone camouflage that is suitable for the outdoors, paintball/airsoft grounds and for civilian use.

A drawstring waist, two large cargo pockets, semi-elasticated ankles and durable DDPM material make these a comfortable and hard wearing pair of trousers.


  • Durable DDPM material
  • Two thigh cargo pockets
  • Drawstring waist
  • Semi-elasticated ankles
  • Genuine British Army Surplus

Sizing: Trouser sizes are measured by the circumference of your waist at the naval. For more information on trouser sizing, check out our sizing guide. Weight: 0.35kg
Pattern: Desert Disruptive Pattern Material (DDPM)
Condition: New/Unissued