Bury 9048 Bluetooth Car Kit

Bury 9048 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit CC9048

The THB Bury CC9048 is the latest product in the new range of Bluetooth hands-free car kits by Bury. Key features include:

Illuminated 3-key remote control – discrete installation and easy to use
Unlimited music enjoyment – thanks to the direct playback of music and an integrated 30 Watt digital amplifier
Voice Tags – access to voice tags stored on mobile phone
Multipoint function – simultaneously connect two mobile phones with the system
Battery charging function for your mobile telephone – guarantees an unlimited talk time in your vehicle

- User information – status updates available in a choice of four languages (German, English, French, Spanish)
- Perfect voice output thanks to the filtering out of driving noises and the use of vehicle’s sound system
- Automatic radio mute function when calling
- ƒƒMemory capacity – max. 8 phones
- Update feature – via the optional USB cable and software package
- Charging cable included – for mobile phones with a micro USB connection
- AUX-In cable included – to transfer music files from your mobile telephone

Box Contents:
1 x Data box
1 x Illuminated remote control
1 x Microphone
1 x ISO cable harness
1 x Extension cord
1 x AUX-In cable
1 x Micro USB charging cable
1 x User guide