Bushtracks Woodland Giggle Hat - Unisex

This 'Giggle' hat has been designed around military jungle styles. ;Known to Australians as a ;'giggle' hat, it is otherwise known generally as a boonie or to kiwi troops, a 'J-hat.' These hats have a short brim to provide sun cover in forests yet stay out of ;your ;field of vision. ;

Apart from the main feature of the short brim, these hats are finished in the distinct Woodland pattern. Paired with a foliage ring, you can cram local vegetation through the loops to get a bit more 'local' when you need it out outdoor activities. In keeping with the jungle style, these also have ventilation holes so your head can breath more easily in hot sweaty climates. Even if your out in the bush or in the pub, have a giggle with one of these today!


  • Woodland camouflage
  • Short ;'jungle' style brim
  • Ventilation holes
  • Foliage ring

Sizing: ;Hat sizes are measured by the circumference around your head, above the ears. ;
**Weight: ;**85g
Colour: ;Woodland
**Content: ;**65% polyester 35% cotton
Condition: ;New ;