Camping Stove & Sink Dometic Gas Hob 3 Burner Stainless Steel With Hot Cold Tap

COOKING MADE EASY - Cook conveniently and safely ;while on the road****
The Dometic Combi unit is a gas hob burner and sink combination that is the ideal solution for saving space and cooking while on the move. ;These gas cookers are AGA approved and designed to fit your needs, with glass lids to extend the bench top when not in use. ;If you want to save on space without compromising on quality, this gas hob/sink combination is perfect for you. ;


SAFETY: ; ;With 4.kW of power this 3 burner combi unit supplies 12 volt ignition to all burners. With a focus on safety gas valves are also fitted to all burners. This offers peace of mind in cooking all your delicious meals efficiently and safely during travels.

DURABILITY: Made from stainless steel, they are easy to clean and long lasting too. The practical glass cover gives you some extra workspace when folded down.

  • Two integrated heat-resistant safety glass lids for extra workspace when not in use
  • Detachable chrome pan supports for easy cleaning
  • Low profile bench top rubber seal
  • Three burner hob with gas, 12 V ignition on all burners and gas safety valves fitted
  • Stainless steel burner caps
  • Safety ignition system
  • Recessed controls.



SKU number 9108400352 / Item No: 8588-KIT
Dimensions product depth 436.12 mm
Dimensions product height 155.19 mm
Dimensions product width 858.52 mm
Net weight 6.12 kg

Warranty: 3 year