Camtrol Prime with Bonus Camshade

Whats included in the box?

Camtrol Prime Unit

Usage Manual

(Camera, clamp, remote, and cord not included)

The Prime hand-held stabilizing platform integrates a standard stabilizer bar that accommodates cameras with a vertical height up to 3.75″ (95.3mm), and up to 7 pounds of cameras, lenses, and accessories.

The platform integrates a vertical stabilizer bar and 3 locking ball joints which together provide a high degree of customization.

The Prime camera rig allows you to stand upright while capturing ground level, overhead, and around-object shots. Its “shift on the fly” feature enables you to set the platform down anywhere and make all adjustments using bare hands, without the need for special tools.The Prime’s centering channels allow you to easily locate and adjust the camera’s center of gravity, yielding a perfect balance.

Securely attach cameras to the platform via the CMP (Channeled Mounting Plate), which also protects against vibration and slip. Protection from impacts and scratches is provided via rear leg retraction forming a skid plate.You can quickly and safely set down the camera anywhere to alter or reconfigure the current setup owing to the presence of the QPRLs (Quad Pod Retractable Landing Legs).

A safe and stable editing and dubbing platform is provided by the Prime when its legs are extended.

You can use the CMP to securely attach any camera via the 1/4” mounting thumb screw which has a 1/4” thread at its bottom that accepts quick release plates, monopods, and tripods. Switching between free and static shooting modes is easily possible via the Prime.The RP/RA (Receiver Post for Remote and Accessories) provides for attachment of the Camtroller remote controller and V-Slope bracket (both sold separately) to the action control grip.

All wires are run through the hollow grip ensuring a cable-free experience for the operator. Steady floating and dramatic mobile shots are rendered possible via the action control grip that incorporates a “true feel” grip experience.

Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the Prime Hand-held Stabilizing Platform weighs 1.8 lb, and is anodized to protect its finish.

You can store the Prime in your photo bag owing to its lightweight and portable (10 x 6.3 x 2.5″ (254 x 160 x 93.5mm)) design.