Candylab : Bad Emergency

The Outlaws are 1920's inspired, vintage wooden cars. Candylab took cues from a mix of Art Deco modernism and the daredevil, rough and oily car culture of those years. In our era of clean, immediate digital entertainment, they wanted to bring some of these stories back, blending keen design, old-fashioned playtime and some storytelling. Bad Emergency is inspired by the American workhorse during the late 20s and 30s, the hugely successful Ford Model AA, itself a variation of the iconic Model A. This truck powered small businesses, construction and rebuilding projects, rumrunning, dustbowl migrations and post recession rebuild. It's ingrained in the pioneering spirit and hardships of that era, and Candylab say it deserves a place in pop culture. The toy itself has a yellow and black herringbone pattern on the front radiator, a long bed to haul other toys, and a magnet hitch making sure the towed cars stay in place. Material: Solid Beech Wood, Wate