Candylab : Southern Belle

The Outlaws are 1920's inspired, vintage wooden cars. Candylab took cues from a mix of Art Deco modernism and the daredevil, rough and oily car culture of those years. In our era of clean, immediate digital entertainment, they wanted to bring some of these stories back, blending keen design, old-fashioned playtime and some storytelling. Southern Belle is an homage to the fierce female race car drivers of the era. Maude Odell, Elinor Blevins, Kay Petre and many more others. Their racers were sturdy, lifted, and off-roadish and we aimed to capture that look and stance with this toy. It has a spare tire, an inward suspension camber and a giant race number on its radiator. Material: Solid Beech Wood, Water Based Paint and Clear Urethane Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth and a few drops of soapy water if needed. Note: This has been safety tested according to Australian & New Zealand regulations.