Car Hardwire Kit+3M Sticker For Dash Cam 0801 A119 A119S A118 A118C A118C2 DVR Vehicle Dash Cam Video DashCam Recorder

The hardwire kit for the Mini 0801 A119 A119S A118 A118C A118C2 B40 has a mini-USB end which plugs into the camera.

The other end connects to your 12/24v car electronics to provide a seamless integration with a mini-USB charger.

If wired correctly, it can also provide permanent power to the camera - especially useful if you want to continue to record when the car is parked.

This hardwire kit is compatible with any camera with the mini-USB connector.

The hardwire kit is easy to install with only 2 wires to connect, however, we recommend using the services of a qualified auto electrician to install the kit.

Package Included:
1 x Original Hard Wire
1x 3M sticker