Caronlab Browvado Sculpting Gel Wax Beads (500g) Precise Facial Brow Waxing

Caronlab Browvado Sculpting Gel Wax Beads (500g)

Introducing Browvado by Caronlab, a new type of gel wax specifically designed for facial waxing. With a gel-like consistency, Browvado Sculpting Gel Wax Beads effortlessly contours and sculpts for precise waxing easily removing hair in one go. Featuring a transparent formula with a holographic shimmer when warm for clear visibility, and a thick consistency for extra control that easily attaches to the spatula without the need to twirl. Ideal for beginners and professionals.


  • For precise facial waxing
  • Ideal for brow waxing services
  • Gentle on skin
  • Transparent holographic formula
  • Gel-like consistency
  • Easily contours and sculpts
  • Attaches on the spatula, without the need to twirl
  • Honeysuckle & Pear fragrance