Cast Iron Square Grill Pan Steak Frying Gas Induction Cooker Wok


Cook your meal subtly with our exquisitely built Steak Frying Pan. Get that perfect crisp texture, so delicious with its non-stick capability. Cooking is an art which requires a perfect recipe, perfect timing, and perfect accessories, anything less might deteriorate the taste which is extremely frustrating. With our frying pan, you get a product that is perfectly crafted with quality and structure to make a great taste, Truly a chef’s choice. A sleeker addition to your kitchen, coated with a special finish for finer appearance and great appreciations. Sassy and classy in every way!

It is made from highly durable FDA cast iron with PFOA, and PIFE free. No chemical coating is applied to preserve health consciousness. Cook a healthy meal with its ribboned bottom which lets the flow of oil out of the food. Equipped with a flawless flat bottom design, suitable for most stoves. It retains heat much faster than regular pans, giving you a hassle-free experience. Featuring excellent thermal conductivity to hold that mesmerizing warmness of your food, to keep its taste alive for longer periods. Emits out less smoke gives you less trouble and less annoyance. The entire frame of the pan is built deeper to avoid oil splatter all over the place when frying oily foods, preventing accidental hot oil burns. Pour out th