Cervical Collar Air Traction Belt with adjustable front support

Rough Sleep, stiff neck or sore shoulder? Neck is the nerve root of all pain. A single issue in the neck can affect many different body parts in the surrounding areas. It is crucial to address the main ;source of the problem instead of focusing on the multiple related pain points that are caused by the problem of the neck.

This is the most comprehensive adjustable collar on the market for treating neck pain. It offers the option to receive pneumatic traction for mobile treatment. The soft traction collar can detach from the frame giving users total freedom to treat their condition. Get traction relief while lying down, sitting up or standing.

Compared to another product Cervical Collar Air Tracking with Pump, this device provides extra height adjustable support for the front of neck and chin.


  • Lightweight and mobile friendly
  • Powerful pneumatic traction
  • Extra Chin Support with height adjustable
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable to wear
  • Suitable to use while walking, studying and watch TV. ;

Product Benefits:

  • Restores and Maintains Physiological Cervical Curve; At the same time it stretches your stiff muscles around the neck and shoulders.
  • Powerful traction via hand pump to release neck muscles and pinched nerves, to stretch cervical vertebrae, more traction, and more strength
  • Top Ventilated Padding Material to release heat for maximal comfort
  • Fast neck pain relief – Without medication from stress and pressure of neck pain, shoulder pain, strains, whiplash, tension, head & cervical vertebral area. It also helps to improve the blood supply for vertebral artery and brain.
  • Helps to improve the blood supply for vertebral artery and brain.


This device is to prevent or minimise motion in the cervical spine. It keeps the head in a comfortable gravity-aligned position, this means a normal cervical lordosis. The head is held high on the shoulders and the ears are directly over each shoulder. It restores and maintains a natural proper physiological cervical curve. It gives your neck firm support but is softly padded where it touches your neck. It's also ventilated to release heat for maximal comfort. ;

It’s specially designed to do a powerful traction via hand pump, to protect your neck. The traction belt is consisted of many pieces of air tube, when pumping; each air tube will become inflated and strong enough to stretch cervical vertebrae. More traction, and More strength. ;

Compared to Soft Collar

Soft Collar including inflated cushion collar pulls head up and away from the neck in linear direction that causes a straight neck and loss of natural proper cervical curve. Besides, it doesn’t truly immobilize the neck, it only limits flexion and extension in the end phase. Soft collars also tightly encircle the neck and the felt has little breathing possibilities, so it’s possible that the patient sweats underneath the collar. . Another disadvantage is that they can apply a bit too much pressure on your TMJ, since the pillow inflates around the jaw as well. ;

Indications for Use ;

  • Neck pain, caused by an acute trauma or chronic neck pain. ;
    •Herniated cervical disc ;
    •Cervical spondylosis ;
    •RA and OA cervical spine ;
    •Increase vertebral clearance and intervertebral foramen, reduce or even remove nerve root of stimulation and oppression. ;
    •Limit cervical activity, reduce compressed spinal cord and nerve root of the repeated friction and bad stimulation. ;
    •Relieve muscle spasm, restore the balance of the cervical spine, improve the blood supply of vertebral artery. ;