Ceva Feliway Spray 60mL

Got a scaredy cat at home? If your feline friend is a bit stressed or anxious, Feliway can help. By mimicking a natural kitty pheromone, this spray makes your home feel calm, friendly, and safe. Perfect for introducing a new cat to your house, when moving with your cat, or introducing your cat to a new family member, this spray makes it easier on them. Spray it on doorways, furniture, bedding, or any place you want your kitty to feel safe. 


  • Ceva Feliway Spray 60mL
  • Spray mimics natural cat pheromones
  • Cat feels like they are in a comfortable, friendly environment 
  • Ideal for cats feeling anxious or stressed 
  • Can be sprayed on doorways, furniture, bedding, and anywhere else 
  • Perfect for when you're moving house or re-homing a new pet 
  • Reduces aggression towards other pets 
  • Can reduce scratching and marking 
  • No smell to humans 
  • Country of origin: N/A


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Read safety directions before opening or using
  • For animal treatment only


If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or the Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 131126.

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26 August 2020

Great. The cats are feeling a lot better now that I’ve got this

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10 July 2020

Great product

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12 February 2020


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25 October 2020

23 October 2020