Chamber Vacuum Bags pkt.100

Packs of 100 70μm vacuum pouches

These are our standard sous vide cooking vacuum bags, suitable for chamber vacuum machines, such as the Polyscience 300 series or Henkelman vacuum sealers. Please ensure that your sealing bar is wider than the first measurement to ensure suitability.

Please note that these vacuum bags are NOT suitable for use with direct sealers, such as the FoodSaver models.


  • Available in 11 different sizes for every task.
  • Made with 70μm high-strength food grade BPA-free plastic
  • Suitable for all chamber vacuum sealers, such as:
    • Polyscience 300 Series Domestic Chamber Vacuum Sealer
    • All Henkelman chamber vacuum sealers
    • ...and just about any other chamber vacuum sealer!