Chantelle Sydney-Rosehip Oil Gift Set with Papaya and Grape Seed Extract 6 x 10ml

Chantelle Rosehip oil with Papaya and Grape seed extract is a powerful blend of natural oil, fruit extracts, Vitamin E and other ingredients. It creates a wonderful essential oil that promotes:

  • Supple skin
  • Protects from premature ageing
  • Moisturised, healthy and youthful skin.

Chantelle Rosehip oil is a remarkable natural Australian product. It contains natural nutrients and vitamins together with skin rejuvenating properties. It is efficient in reducing and smoothing the aging effects and wrinkles.

Chantelle Sydney's premium Gift Set makes the perfect present for a friend, loved one or yourself! It contains six 10 ml bottles of their highly successful Rosehip Oil with Papaya and Grape Seed Extract.

Benefits of Rosehip Oil

  • Protects the skin, increases cell turnover and fights damage from free radicals due to its high antioxidant content
    • This comes from Rosehip oils high levels of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Beta Carotene which is a potent form of Vitamin A
  • Powerful healing properties that increase cell renewal. Increased cell renewel aids reduction of scarring and red marks, wrinkles and sun damage
    • Rosehip oil's healing properties come from its high levels of essential fatty acids: palmitic, oleic, linoleic and GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid).
    • It also contains high levels of Essential Fatty Acid, also known as Vitamin F
    • When these fatty acids are absorbed through the skin they convert to prostaglandins (PGE) which is what assists your skin renewal and anti-aging benefits

Papaya and Grape Seed Extract

  • Papaya extract whitens the skin due to its papain content which is the main ingredient in many skin brighteners
  • Grape seed oil and Vitamin E are anti-ageing antioxidants, fighting the signs of ageing.

Direction for use:

Apply an appropriate amount to a clean and dry face during morning and night. Massage until it is fully absorbed. One bottle will give one week usage.


Store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Chantelle Sydney-Rosehip Oil Gift Set with Papaya and Grape Seed Extract 6 x 10ml

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