Charlie's Funk Pad Flamingo Dog Bed Small

Give your furry friend a funky, comfy bed with the Charlie's Funk Pad Flamingo Dog Bed. This high quality pet bed is covered in durable high quality polyester which is scratch resistant for long-lasting use, and what's more is the gorgeous pattern will match any home decor, making it the perfect bed for both your pet and your home. Charlie's Funk Pad Flamingo Dog Bed is portable and lightweight and is so comfy that many pets like this bed as much as they like human beds. Find the perfect Charlie's Funk Pad Flamingo Bed for your dog as it is available in 3 sizes;
* Stylish and fun design to match any home décor
* Portable and easy to move around
* Extremely comfortable
* Covered in high quality and durable polyester
* Scratch resistant fabric
* Removable cover with heavy duty zip closure
* Available in 3 sizes