Chef'n Garlic Machine Garlic Press

Save your hands from smelling like garlic for a week with the Chef'n Garlic Machine Garlic Press. The Garlic Machine perfectly minces your cloves with a simple twist of the hand. You can even use this device to store your garlic for later use, keeping it air-tight and fresh. The Chef'n Garlic Machine Garlic Press is all that we've come to expect from the Chef'n brand - the merger of form and function. You will be proud to display the Garlic Machine in your home, just as you will be relieved to use it. You can even mince multiple cloves at once! Minimize your prep time and save your knife blades for the vegetables and proteins. The Chef'n Garlic Machine Garlic Press also makes a wonderful gift for any home cook in your life. And when you're through, simply place the Garlic Machine in the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleanup.
* Features quick release top
* Presses or stores garlic
* Fits multiple garlic cloves
* Dishwasher safe
* 25% more efficient than normal garlic presses
* Gets a more intenese flavour from the garlic
* Easy squeeze handles