Cilio Classico Electric Coffee Maker - Silver

Electric Espresso Maker

The Cilio Classico Electric Espresso Maker makes a luxurious, flavourful cup of espresso coffee. Get cafe-quality espresso with an electric espresso maker in the comfort of your home today. The espresso brewing process is made easy and effortless when your coffee percolator is electric. *Please note that these products are fitted with an aftermarket plug as the units are imported from overseas. These have been fitted with an aftermarket rewire-able 3 plug pin that complies with Australian standards.

Electric Percolator Wondering if electric percolators make good coffee? The Cilio Classico Electric Percolator was built to make a perfectly balanced cup of rich espresso coffee. This percolator will ensure you get strong, flavourful coffee with every brew. You'll never get over-extracted coffee despite it being brewed with an electric percolator.

Stovetop Espresso At Your Fingertips Make rich stovetop espresso without the fuss thanks to the Cilio Classico Electric Coffee Maker. This moka pot does the hard part for you with the built-in electrical stove that's specially designed to brew rich, balanced coffee every single time.

Basic Cilio Classico Electric Instructions:

  • Fill the coffee basket with medium-fine grounds.
  • Fill the water reservoir to just below the safety valve.
  • Set the brewer on the 360o wireless base and turn on the brewer.
  • In 4-6 minutes, your coffee will be ready.

The process is simple and repeatable, so you can always count on a delicious brew. The 6-cup capacity is great for small to medium-sized homes.

The 360o wireless base allows you to set the moka pot down at any angle and from any direction, making it even easier to use. When the brewing's complete, the brewer will automatically shut off to stop the coffee from over extracting. A warming function can keep your espresso hot for you.

The aluminum and BPA-Free plastic brewer will serve you full-flavored and full-bodied espresso for years to come.

Cilio Classico Electric Coffee Maker Features No-Fuss Moka Pot Espresso - Enjoy your favorite rich and balanced stovetop espresso without the fuss of an actual stove.

Built-In Stove - The electrical stove is specifically designed to brew stellar coffee with precision and consistency. It does the hard part for you.

360o Wireless Base - Set the brewer on the stove plate at any angle.

6 Cup Capacity - Brews enough coffee for a quiet cup or a cup with a friend.

Warming Function - Keeps your espresso warm once the brewing is complete.

Auto-Off Function - Shuts off the stove automatically to prohibit over extraction and keep your homes safe.

This product includes: - 1 x Cilio Classico Electric Coffee Maker

The Specifics - Materials: Aluminum, BPA-Free Plastic

  • Dimensions: 25cm H, 11.5cm O
  • Capacity: 6 Cup

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Available Styles - Bialetti Venus Moka Pot- All Sizes

  • Bialetti Moka Induction Red

Cilio Classico Electric Coffee Maker - Silver


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