Clear Quartz Crystal Comb

Crystal combs have been a common symbol for power, in the ancient times. For instance, most successful women used to carry this crystal in their beauty case.

The quartz crystal comb is said to improve the qi energy of your hair and is also said to nourish your scalp for natural beauty and luster.

Apart from straightening and nourishing the hair, the quartz crystal comb provides a very soothing ritual. It takes only 5 minutes to nurture the hair using this comb at a tough day’s end. In return, a great amount of equilibrium and mental balance is achieved.

This is the prime reason why people refer to Quartz Crystal as one of the major healing crystals. People believe that the Clear Quartz Crystal can be used for all of the body's chakras. Moreover, according to ancient knowledge, it amplifies positive intentions and energy. This allows a person to focus on his/her goals with a clear head and provides powerful ways to enhance the strength of purpose.

What are the key benefits of Clear Quartz Crystal Comb

  • It can be used to nourish and smooth the hair
  • Results in a life-enhancing ritual
  • Creates relaxing sensations
  • Promotes better circulation in the scalp
  • It empowers positive intentions and thoughts

Hand carved using a grade A crystal, the Clear Quartz Comb comes sealed inside a beautiful box lined with silk. Since this product is of high quality, it includes a White Lotus lifetime guarantee for normal usage.

Clear Quartz Crystal Comb


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
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