Clue: Lost In Vegas Game

What happened last night? Clue: Lost In Vegas is an adult party version of the classic Clue board game. Your friend, Buddy, went missing during a reunion trip to Vegas; now you have to figure out who the last person was to see him, where they were and what they were doing. Eliminate the suspects and solve the mystery before time runs out!


  • Hasbro Gaming games
  • Design: Clue: Lost In Vegas 
  • Pack contents: 
    • Game board
    • 6 x plastic pawns
    • 6 x character cards
    • 6 x action cards
    • 9 x location cards
    • 9 x mystery cards
    • Hotel key sleeve
    • Clock spinner
    • Notepad
    • 2 x dice
    • Game rules
  • A parody of the classic game "Cluedo"
  • Fun adult party game
  • Eliminate suspects and solve the mystery to win!
  • Assembly: None
  • Ideal for 2-6 players
  • Recommended for ages 18+ years
  • Country of origin: USA