Coffee Parts 1lt Professional Series Milk Jug

Coffee Parts 1lt Professional Series Milk Jug / Milk Pitcher

Our Coffee Parts Professional Series milk jug / milk pitchers are used just about everywhere from homes to cafes and specialty coffee roasteries! A simple addition we did to this just over our Classic jug was an ergonomic handle to help with those long hours of poring milk based coffee all day every day. This milk frothing jug, just like our Classic milk jug, also features a smooth pouring spout perfect free pouring latte art, a busy barista-friendly handle and a full stainless steel jug, it’s the perfect stainless milk pitching jug for baristas who want reliable steaming gear that’ll will last in busy cafes.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Coffee Parts 1000ml Professional Series Milk Jug / pitcher

Coffee Parts Professional Series Milk Jugs Review

Let's be honest, it's hard to be totally un-biased reviewing our own products, so let's just explain our why to this product. Stainless steel barista milk jugs are one of the staples of every cafe and barista tool chest. We love and adore designer unique products, however with the barista milk jug we knew we needed awesome quality yet affordable barista basic gear which not only allowed baristas to have control of their milk and easily free pour, but were also affordably prices to be able to buy the number of jugs need to setup their dream cafes and barista spaces. So we believe this is a well balanced jug in terms of price, quality and function.

Milk Jug Specifications

In the industry we use these guides as the basic sizes that barista coffee milk jugs / milk pitchers come in eg. 350ml / 600ml / 900ml etc, in most cases they won’t fill to these exact volumes they are just indicators for comparing jug sizes. We have measured all jugs and complied approximate jug size based on water and milk, with recommended milk maximum fills generally to the base of the pour spout.

  • Pre-Steaming Milk Fill to base of spout - ml Approx.
  • Milk Maximum Capacity at full jug - ml Approx.
  • Water Maximum Capacity at full jug - ml Approx.