Collapsible Pet Carrier Cage Travel for Small Bird


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Clip on carry handle
  • 2 stainless bowls 10 oz each
  • 2.5cm diameter hardwood perch
  • Durable powder-coating finish
  • Built in bottom grille above tray
  • Constructed of Bird-safe wrought iron
  • Door on end
  • The dishes and perch must be removed before folding
  • Heavy duty tray slides out of bottom without opening cage


  • Dimension: L50 x W35.5 x H40cm
  • Bar Guage: 3mm
  • Bar Space: 1.7cm (5/8'')
  • Door Size: W23.5 x H25cm
  • Suitable for caiques - pionus - conures - quakers - cockatiels and other small birds; mini macaws - electus and other medium-size birds