Compact DJ Mixer 3 Channel 1/4 Headphone Socket Coloured LED Output Display

  • This compact 3-channel stereo DJ mixer will have you tearing up the vinyl to mix your own beats.
  • Channels A and B provide line or phono level stereo inputs, with cross-fade support between the two channels.
  • A CD-input stereo/mono selectable channel is also provided.
  • 5-level volume indicators provide handy visual level reference, while a dedicated microphone input is provided for talk-over.
  • Headphone output is provided with adjustable level out, and theres even a grounding point!

Features:- 1/4 Headphone Socket

  • Coloured LED Output Display
  • RCA Input Sockets
  • Photo / Line and CD Inputs
  • 2 x Stereo Line Outputs

**Specifications:**Power: 12VAC 300mA (Mains adaptor included).Weight: 780gDimensions: 234(W) x 137(D) x 57(H)mm (Including Knobs/Sockets)