Compression Bags 4 Pack - Small by Globite

Squeeze your life into your luggage with our fantastically functional and easy-to-use compression bags. A perfect way to save on space or to separate clean from dirty, simply fold and place your clothing in the bag, roll to expel air and you're ready to go - no vacuum required! Ideal for travel or as a dust-free home storage solution.

50cmH x 35cmW

50 grams


  1. Pack your clothes and other soft items in the compression bag. Items with sharp edges may pierce compression bags, & it is advisable to pack these in other forms of luggage.
  2. Allow a few centimetres space at the bottom of the bag (as you roll the bag the contents will slide towards the bottom of the bag).
  3. Flatten the bag to get most of the air out of the bag before sealing.
  4. Seal the zips on the bag, & run the slider back and forth to ensure the compression bag is fully sealed.
  5. Firmly and slowly roll the bag from the zip seal end.
  6. It's ok to use some muscle! You will need some pressure to expel the air from the vent. A hissing sound may be heard as the air is forced out of the vent.
  7. The air will be expelled from the base of the bag, allowing compact & clean storage of your items.