COOL GEL Memory Foam Mattress Topper King Single BAMBOO Fabric 10 Zone 5CM

Did you know that you spend a third of your life in a bed, sleeping? Transform your old mattress with Royal Sleep Bedding Collections luxury King single 10 Zone Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper to have a profound effect on your health and overall quality of life. It offers state of the art cooling technology and comfort by evenly distributing your body weight and lessening the tension on your joints and muscles.

This 10 zone memory foam mattress topper from Royal Sleep Bedding Collection has a 60kg/m3, 5cm thick high-density composition as well as a cooling gel for those warm and stuffy nights. A 3-side zipper makes it easy to remove the luxury bamboo fabric that is hypoallergenic and dust resistant to keep your topper hygienic. It is also extremely gentle on the skin. As an additional comfort feature, it has an anti-skid base to keep the topper from moving around. It will also absorb your partners movements to give you an undisturbed nights rest.

Washing and maintaining your topper is easy as the bamboo fabric can simply be removed and washed. The foam can be effectively cleaned by rubbing it with a mild detergent.

Wake up rejuvenated and full of energy every morning! Get your 10 Zone Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper today with a pillow worth $49 as an added bonus!


  • Size: King Single
  • Dimension: 106x203x5cm

Included In Box

  • 1x Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper
  • 1x Bonus pillow


Warranty & Change of Mind Returns

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