CQT DJI OSMO Mobile 3 Transfer GoPro 5/6/7 Adapter Mounting Adapter Handheld Accessory


  1. This product adopts environmentally friendly plastic material, 3D printing process, and the surface has fine stripes;
  2. By using the adapter, GoPro 5/6/7 can be used for the mobile phone PTZ OSMO Mobile 3 to make the picture smoother;
  3. Equipped with counterweight iron block, used to adjust the balance, balance can effectively reduce the motor pressure, avoid motor overload and heat, so that shooting is more convenient;

This Clinton Mobile PTZ 3 adapter is only compatible with GoPro Hero 5/6/7 and is not compatible with other cameras. Package List
1*Adapter Kit

Note: The price tag only includes the adapter, without the mobile phone head and GoPro for presentation.