CQT for DJI OSMO Mobile 3 Transfer OSMO Action Adapter Installation Adapter Handheld


  1. This product adopts environmentally friendly plastic material, 3D printing process, and the surface has fine stripes;
  2. By using the adapter, you can use OSMO Action for the mobile phone PTZ OSMO Mobile 3 to make the picture smoother.
  3. Equipped with counterweight iron block, used to adjust the balance, balance can effectively reduce the motor pressure, avoid motor overload and heat, so that shooting is more convenient;

Net weight: about 121g
Product size: about 16.1*8*1.8cm

This Clinton Mobile PTZ 3 adapter is only compatible with OSMO Action and is not compatible with other cameras.

Package List
1*Adapter Kit

Note: The price tag only includes the adapter, without the mobile phone PTZ and OSMO Action for presentation.