Creative Kids Zzand Monster Truck Arena

Big jumps, sharp turns, and awesome action are in store if you play with the monstrous Zzand Monster Truck Arena that features the magic of Zzand!

Zzand might sound like sand, but this is not just regular old sand. This is a very special sand that allows children to sculpt all kinds of cool structures. As this is themed around monster trucks. They can make a really cool monster truck arena with many different jumps and obstacles for the monster truck to wow the crowds with! It is a great deal of fun and Zzand is so flexible that they can come up with many cool designs and the only limitation is their imagination.

The Zzand Monster Truck Arena also comes with a fast and cool looking monster truck and some signs that they can use to decorate their monster truck arena with. This sand is very special. Not only can they use their imagination to make things with it, but the sand is also designed so that it does not stick to their fingers. This set is designed so it can be all contained in its original packaging. There is an area for them to create and a storage area too! Once the fun is done, they just reseal the lid and they are ready to go whenever they want! For kids that love making things and cool monster trucks will have lots of creative fun with this set.

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Key Features:

  • This set is great for kids who love monster trucks
  • The magic Zzand lets them create all kinds of cool things
  • They can make their own jump filled monster truck arena
  • This special sand will not stick to their hands
  • It can be kept safe and secure in its packaging!

Creative Kids Zzand Monster Truck Arena


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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