Cuddlies Biodegradable Bamboo Nappies

Gold Winner - Organic Baby Awards 2021

"Natural & Organic products provide a healthier solution to caring for sensitive skin. One of the best ways to heal & protect a baby's delicate skin is to use organic or natural products that are free from harmful chemicals, avoid toxins & other nasty skin irritants that are commonly found in conventional products."


  • Award winning silky-soft bamboo eco nappies - it's like wearing a hug! Made with the softest bamboo fibers, they're naturally breathable and gentle to the most sensitive of skins. Uniquely designed with a 100% bamboo top sheet making them super absorbent and touch dry against the skin; leaving your baby's bottom dry and comfy!
  • Our eco friendly nappies also comes with a 100% bamboo back sheet allowing air to circulate freely, keeping the temperature inside the nappy cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Bamboo is organic, naturally hypoallergenic with antibacterial properties, reducing the risk of skin irritations, nappy rash and odours.
  • Cuddlies nappies contain unique triple stretch side fasteners for a snug comfortable fit, a wetness indicator, an anti-leak barrier, magic tape to avoid happy-tugging and natural aloe liner to soothe baby's skin.


  • Toxic ingredients are not okay with us. Cuddlies hypoallergenic nappies are non-toxic without compromising on performance or quality. That means no chlorine bleach, alcohol, fragrances, latex, PVC, TBT, phthalates or other harmful toxins that can harm the health and function of your baby's skin.
  • They're unprinted, unscented, soft to the touch; but, don't just take our word for it. Perfect for sensitive skin and certified toxin free. Priceless!


  • We're a planet-loving bunch over here and we firmly believe that nappies shouldn't outlive us! Conventional nappies are made of materials that do not easily decompose; they sit in landfill for over 500 years!
  • We've made the best eco-friendly nappy that is also high-performing, with over 75% materials biodegrading in less than 100 days. Learn more about why Cuddlies bamboo nappies are the better choice.

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Cuddlies Biodegradable Bamboo Nappies

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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
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