Cuisinepro Savor Herb Keeper

Relish in delicious fresh herbs that last longer with the Cuisinepro Savor Herb Keeper! Perfect for storing anything from parsley and rosemary to asparagus, the Herb Keeper by Cuisinepro is a multi-functional must have item for every kitchen. This innovative Herb Keeper is crafted with a well at its base that irrigates your herbs, keeping them hydrated and healthy for longer. Complete with an easy access lid and a basket that lifts to easily remove contents, the Savor Herb Keeper is a progressive kitchen accessory that’s bound to make maintaining your fresh herbs a breeze.
* Allows you to easily add flavour to all your meals!
* Ensures your herbs stay fresh for longer
* Features a well at the bottom to irrigate your herbs
* Crafted with an easy access lid
* BPA free
* Easily cleaned