Cycliq Fly6 CE HD Camera/Rear Bike Light 100 lm

With more than three times (that’s right, 3 times!) the light output of the previous version (100 lumens vs 30 lumens), a higher video frame rate, and a wider angle of view, the completely redesigned Fly6 from Cycliq really ups the ante. All housed in a more compact and lighter package, keep yourself visible and protected with this super bright rear light and video in one.

People do the right thing (when they know they’re being watched). That’s the idea behind the revised Fly6 Rear Light/Camera CE (Connected Edition) by Cycliq. The flashing ring of LEDs around the camera makes it obvious to other road users that they are being recorded.

The Camera/Rear Light offers up to 7 hours runtime. With looping video recording, you never need to worry about replacing SD cards. Incident capture protection will engage to prevent valuable footage from being overwritten.

• 100 Lumens output
• 7 hours battery life
• Record 1080p video at 60fps
• Ultra-wide 135° viewing angle
• Various light and dimming settings
• Smart video looping technology
• 6-axis electronic image stabilization
cANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity
• USB-C fast charge
• Weight: 110g
• Size: 8cm (L) x 3.4cm (W) x 4cm (H)
• Class 10 microSDHC (32GB recommended) SD Card Required - Not Included