Dacron Extra Loft Winter Quilt

Extra Full Winter Warm, Extra Cozy Sleep

The Ultimate Sleeping Experience for people with Allergy and Ashtma

Filled with smooth, cloudlike clusters of 500gsm the Dacron Duralife Fibre surpasses what it means to be sleep in comfort. This cozy, lightweight quilt is encased in a 100% Cotton Japara Cover for even more comfort and durability. Built to withstand washing machine standards, this quilt is unique design can be washed at 60C and dries quickly so you can get back to relaxation faster. The high washing temperature of this Dacron Quilt can eliminate dust mites and other allergens making it perfect for those who suffer from allergies and/or asthma. Other synthetic fibres would not stand up to these type of temperatures, that why this quilt is just so popular.

​Our most popular quilt parents are buying instore for children and teens today by far!

Why We love dacron quilt

Approved by the Asthma Foundation & the Victoria and Australian Allergy Foundation

Breathe easier at night with a quilt designed to reduce respiratory irritation. Boasting a special license manufacture, this quilt is excellent for those afflicted with respiratory problems.

Extra Loft Fibre Filling

Enjoy the jam-packed high-fill power of DACRON DURALIFE fiberfill. Using macro bulk technology, this premium grade bedding is paired with luxurious premium loft. Together, the Dacron quilt is uniquely designed to give you extra support with every rest without being excessively heavy.

Superior, Lightweight Thermal Casing

Developed by Embassy Royale, the Dacron Quilt is filled for premium comfort at 500gsm instead of the standard 300gsm. The extra filling makes this quilt perfect for chilly winter nights.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Dacron Quilt

Consider the following important aspects to find the ideal quilt for you. Be on the lookout for essential factors like warmth, weight, breathability and construction.

  • Approved by the Ashma Foundation
  • Quality Construction - Premium Bound Edges to improve durability and longevity
  • Warmth Weight, other dacron quilts tend to be manfactured at approx 300gsm, but based on feedback our 500gsm dacron quilt is solid performer for adults but also kids alike which love extra loft and comfort that a high loft quilt provides.

Not sure what size to buy

Got a Single Bed Mattress Stick to Single quilt where possible

Depending on height of mattress and where you are using a mattress topper, a Single bed would be sufficient, but in some cases a double quilt would be required

Got a King Single Bed Mattress Double Quilt Doona offers the best coverage

A Double bed quilt would be the only choice, as manufactures dont manufacture a king single tailored quilt. But the double does fit on nicely and offers a nice size quilt for sleeping

Got a Double Bed Mattress Upsize to Queen Quilt Doona

A Double quilt on a Double bed is sufficient where the mattress is slow and only one occupant is sleeping on the bed, otherwise a queen quilt would offer better coverage for a more optimal sleeping comfort. Note the queen is only wider than the double, but the length remains the same.

Got a Queen Bed Mattress Upsize to King Quilt Doona

A Queen quilt is normally sufficient for standard queen size height mattresses upto 30cm, but today most new mattresses are fitted with extra layers such as memory foam and therefore, to achieve a nice look you need to upsize to a king size quilt doona. Note, the king quilt is only wider, the length will remain the same.

Got a King Bed Mattress - Why not upsize to Super King Quilt Doona

If you have a high mattress and find the quilt feels small, we have a super king quilt doona available, just few things why upsizing note, that when upsizing from King to Super King. Both the width and length of the quilt are larger by 30cm (or approx. 15cm each side). That 15cm on each side is normally sufficient to achieve that optimal look.

Got a Super King Bed Mattress Limited to Super King Quilt

An easy decision, just note, when choosing a doona, given the size of the quilt, id normally avoid heavy quilts if you have problem with weight as it tends to become a lot heaver. That is why down quilts or mid filing quilts tend to be popular with super king. Given the larger size, the air pockets become trapped as there is no cold spots coming in, therefore, you dont need a heavy quilt (eg. 600gsm wool doona) unless you prefer that extra weight.

Dacron Extra Loft Winter Quilt


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18 September 2020

Love this Quilt! It really is what l was looking for in a loft quilt.

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16 April 2021

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