Davis & Waddell Fresh Salad Spinner Red

Once you have tried the Davis & Waddell Fresh Salad Spinner Red, you won't want to clean lettuce any other way. Pop your washed lettuce in the inner strainer, close the lid and spin. Crisp lettuce will be instantly available for sandwiches, salads and bases for a shrimp cocktail.

This salad spinner is simple to assemble and a large easy grip knob, allows smooth spinning. Never have soiled lettuce messing up your sink again. Your diet will suddenly become even healthier as you look forward to cleaning and preparing salads.

About Davis & Waddell

Davis and Waddell is a well-known Australian kitchenware brand and they have been on the scene for more than 20 years. Combining the latest trends with classic style, they bring us lifestyle essentials for the home and kitchen, inspiring the creative cook in each of us.

Construction: Plastic
Dimensions: 26 cm
Features: Spinning action drains lettuce and salad ingredients dry and clean
Colour: Clear outer bowlWhite inner strainerRed and white lid
Cleaning/Care: Dishwasher safe parts
Made in: China