Davis & Waddell Lotus Rock Wok 30cm

The Davis & Waddell Lotus Rock Wok 30cm offers a superior cooking result with its nano-silica surface.

Add a riot of colour and taste - red, green and yellow capsicum, carrots, spring onions and tenderly marinated beef or chicken. The curved base on the traditional wok, combined with the high heating effect will sear your meat and vegetables efficiently allowing fantastic flavour release and less oil absorption. Heat up to 350C without blistering or peeling, on any stovetop including induction. Season with oil before use to create a non-stick surface impervious to scratching. The acacia wooden handle provides a comfortable heat resistant grip, and has a hanging loop for easy storage.

The self-cleaning properties of the lotus rock allows food residues to slide off the surface. PTFE and PFOA free, this is a safe and efficient cooking tool.

About Davis & Waddell

Davis and Waddell is a well-known Au

Construction: Lotus rock with stainless steel bonding
Dimensions: 30cm (D)
Features: High heat resistance –to 350CNo smoke or chemical smell during cooking Quick heat absorption Rustproof
Colour: Black, wood