Deadpool Suit Up Women's Dress

Be like Deadpool. Dress like Deadpool. *Smell like Deadpool. ( * No, this dress does NOT smell like a corpse-scented Deadpool.) Made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, our ;Deadpool Suit Up Women's Dress is a stretchy, comfortable dress simulating the appearance of Deadpool's red and black uniform. Ready to lay down cover fire and a healthy dose of very offensive derogatory terms, this Deadpool dress for women expresses the Deadpool costume ;aesthetic thusly: Uniform-specific red and black color scheme! Illustrated clamps! An illustrated belt with equally illustrated Deadpool symbol buckle! If you want to ;look like Deadpool ( without the mutated super-cancer ), dress like Deadpool ( without pants ), and smell like Deadpool ( without actually smelling like Deadpool ), our Deadpool women's dress is It's the best.