Deepcool Gamerstorm MF120 120mm Aluminium RGB Fan 3 in 1 MF 120-3 IN 1

The Deepcool MF120 fan set includes three fans with vibration damping capabilities, whose front side features a seamless all-in-one skeleton frame made with 100% aluminium alloy. Its unique frameless design together with the double-layer blade can generate positive air pressure and deliver maximum airflow with zero hindrance from the fan structure. The PWM fans can be active between a silent 500 rpm up-to a hefty 2200rpm. Deepcool MF120 is also a smart fan, and its controller can be wirelessly connected via WIFI to a user's smartphone (Apple/Android) to control fan speed and lighting modes, including some preset options. The dedicated multi-function controller controls a built-in 1.67M Truecolour RGB lighting system. Five built-in lighting effects (dynamic, static, breathing, comet, and fashion collision) provide 36 interchangeable lighting modes.