Devanti 10L Air Fryer Convection Oven 8 Function 1300W Fryers Cooker Turbo Healthy Kitchen

10L Air Fryer w/ Pre-set Function

With our lifestyles getting busier by the minute, the last thing you want is to struggle with your kitchen appliances to make that perfect dish. That??s where our Devanti 8-Function Air Fryer can set you on the way to easier cooking. And healthier eating too.With oil-free cooking, our 10-litre Air Fryer can cool up a host of delicious cuisine that??s 100% fat-free and 35% faster than conventional methods. Roast, bake, fry, stir fry, defrost, roll, turbo grill or preset the cooking between 30 minutes and nine hours, the Air Fryer does the task with minimum hassle. Just set the function and time on the digital control panel and leave it to deliver amazing cooking results. Best of all, the cooking is done evenly thanks to its halogen far infrared heating with rapid air circulation system from a 12-blade fan. The removable non-stick stainless steel bowl also features grooves that allow heat to come through from bottom to top for 360?? rotational cooking. For cage and rotisserie method, you can press down the roller function for a 360 degree rotation for a good even cooking. The result is a simply sumptuous and mouthwatering meal with crisp exteriors and moist and tenderizing insides.Not least, the Air Fryer is designed with many convenient features such as an all-round glass lid to monitor your cooking, double safety setting that automatically stops cooking when the lid is removed, a safety lid lock to prevent the lid from coming off, an anti-slip base as well as six bonus accessories. Plus, it??s easy to clean and practically needs no maintenance at all except for a good wipe down. With so much going for it, our Devanti Air Fyer is surely your recipe for great meals every day. Get yours today!

* 6 cooKing methods: Roast, Bake, Defrost, Turbo Grill, Stir Fry, Fry
* Pet-set temperature and times
* Roller function: 360 degrees rotation for cage and rotisserie cooKing accessories
* Digital control panel
* Halogen far infrared heating
* Rapid air circulation system
* Double layers view window
* Safety lid lock
* Anti-slip base
* SAA Approval
* Bonus accessories

* Power: 1300W
* Voltage: 220V-240V
* Frequency:50/60HZ
* Capacity: 10L
* Temperature Range: 50 - 230degrees
* Timer: 0-60mins
* Color: White

Package Content
* 1 x Air Fryer
* 1 x User Manual