Devanti Replacement Motorised Roller Brush Cleaner Head - For 120W/150W Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner Models

Designed as an optional cleaning head for use with Devanti 120W and 150W cordless vacuum cleaners, the motorized roller cleaner head makes cleaning even more effortless and hassle-free. It has an in-built motor that powers up the cleaning with the help of a soft roller to ensure tender loving cleaning on pristine surfaces. Better still, it incorporates a tangle-free design that prevents pet or human hair from being tangled with the roller, thereby keeping maintenance and cleaning down-time to a minimum. Other great features include a pivoting head with tilt and angle adjustment, anti-static carbon fibre filaments, removable cover and brushes and not least, a LED headlight to light the way in cleaning dimly lit or under furniture areas.

*Motorised roller cleaner head
*In-built motor
*LED headlight
*Soft roller
*Pivoting head
*Tilt and angle adjustment
*Flexible stick movement
*Large rollers
*Anti-static carbon fibre filaments
*Hassle-free cleaning
*Removable cover and brushes
*Suitable for both hard floor and carpet cleaning
*For use with Devanti 120W and 150W Cordless Vacuum Cleaners only

*Brand: Devanti
*Type: Motorised roller cleaner head
*Motor rotate speed: 2500rpm
*Soft pile length: 1cm
*For tube diameter: 3cm
*Overall dimensions: 24cm x 28cm x 17cm

Package Content
Motorised Roller Cleaner Head x 1