DG's Preventaflat Pneumatic Tyre Sealant 500ml

DG's Preventaflat stays a liquid for the life of the tyre. It is injected into your tyre through the valve stem; unlike other sealants, DG’S doesn’t clog the valve core - causing no interference of airflow.

DG's fibre and filler mixture continually plugs most air leaks as they occur, for the life of the tyres legal tread, so you won't even notice a puncture has occurred in most cases, therefore, arriving at your destination safely - no flat, no stopping.

Heat build up is the number #1 cause of the destruction of tyres.

DG's Preventaflat tyre sealant has been tested and proven to reduce that heat build-up, prolonging the life of the tyre.

DG'S is a specifically designed tyre sealant, with 34 ingredients among them; glycol acting as a coolant; also has a rust inhibitor and metal lubricant included in our mixture, along with special fibres which play an essential part in the sealing and cooling process.

DG's Preventaflat for bicycles, 4X4's, agricultural machinery, quad bikes, vans, ride-ons, boat trailers, caravans, winnebago, wheel chairs, electric scooters and more.

AMOUNT REQUIRED The amount you require varies with the size of the tyre.

An indication can be found below:

  • Bicycle 125ml per tyre.
  • Road Bicycle 90ml per tyre.
  • Golf Buggy 125ml per tyre.
  • Prams 125ml per tyre.
  • Bag Trolley 250 ml per tyre.
  • Wheel Barrow 250ml.
  • Goffers 250ml per tyre.
  • Electric Wheelchair 250ml per tyre.
  • Sulky Wheel 250ml.
  • Motorcycle (rear) 250ml.
  • Motorcycle (front) 175ml.
  • Quad Bike 250ml – 500ml per tyre.
  • Ride on Mower 250ml – 500ml per tyre.
  • Cars 250ml- 500ml per tyre.
  • Dingo Digger 250ml per tyre.
  • Boat Trailer 250ml to 500ml per tyre.
  • Caravans 250ml- 500ml per tyre.
  • Offroad Caravan 500ml per tyre.
  • Light Truck 500ml per tyre.
  • 4WD 500ml per tyre.
  • Forklifts 1000ml per tyre.
  • Bobcats 1000ml per tyre.
  • Truck 1500ml per tyre.
  • Tractor Front Tyre 1500ml.
  • Tractors Rear Tyre 5000ml.

DG's Preventaflat Pneumatic Tyre Sealant 500ml


Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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