Dimplex DCPAC12C 3.5kw White Portable Air Conditioner

Dimplex DCPAC12C air conditioner is designed to create a pleasant and cool environment. It has a built-in dehumidifier that reduces the humidity levels in the surroundings, making your indoor spaces cosy and comfy. This air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 3.5kw that makes it ideal for rooms up to a size of 25m2. The 3.5kw air conditioner has a timer function that lets you pre-set the time for switching on or off the appliance, offering added lifestyle flexibility as the appliance would create an ambient temperature in your living spaces as you return home from the work. Dimplex DCPAC12C air conditioner comes with remote control from where you can adjust the temperature settings, set timer, or change the humidity settings without having to walk over the appliance to do so. It keeps the noise to a minimum, so you can relax without being interrupted by any operating sounds. The portable air conditioner comes in a white colour that integrates well with classic and contemporary interior themes, adding a hint of eclectic vibe to the spaces.