Dimplex Queen Pillow Top Fitted Electric Blanket Heated Overheat Protection


Fitted Electric Blanket ;

Fully fitted non-woven polyester electric blanket ;

Machine washable ;

Detachable controls ;

12 hour timer ;

Double overheat protection with Sensorsafe technology ;

2 year warranty ;

230-240Vac 50Hz ;

Australia Power Plug ;

Dimensions (WxDxH) 1500mm (W) x 2030mm (H) ;

Auto Off

This controller is fitted with a 12 hour Count Down Auto Off Timer which starts to countdown from when your heat setting has been selected, and will switch power off to the elements after approximately 12 hours. (+/- 30Minutes).
Note: Once a heat setting has been selected and the switch is powered ON, the countdown timer will not be affected by adjusting heat level.

Pre Heat
At normal ambient temperature you should allow approximately 30 - 60 minutes on Heat Setting “3” (Pre Heat).
You may get into bed sooner while the bed is still warming up, but please DO NOT leave the blanket set on the Preheat setting (No. 3) while you are in the bed.
A cold room or bed that has not been used for some time may require a greater length of time on the pre-heat.

Overheat / Element Protection

The blanket is fitted with numerous overheat safeguard systems. This offers protection against overheating or damage to the elements by disengaging the power to the elements before overheating hazards occur.